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A perfect trio of homegrown hot sauces, featuring lemondrop peppers, Caribbean Red habanero peppers, and bhut jalokia ghost peppers----one of the hottest peppers in the world! This sampler pack has all your bases covered, with three unique homegrown hot sauces for every range of heat. All non-gmo, vegan and organically grown by us in Kutztown, PA. 

Each set comes with 1 bottle of the sweet and deceivingly spicy Aramingo, the blazing hot Orange Crush, and our ghost pepper scorcher Punch Drunk. All three sauces use Chia seeds as a natural thickener and preservative.

Customer Reviews

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Jaclyn Genchi
Took almost a month to arrive

The product was a gift and did not even ship out for 3+ weeks so just buyer beware if you need it by a certain date. I ended up having to buy another gift for this person, and then this seller never responded at all to my two emails trying to cancel this order. In today's world taking 3+ weeks to ship something out is unacceptable and if that is going to happen the buyer should at least be notified *before* the purchase that there are long shipping delays (e.g., because of the holidays).

Ken Dye

This was purchased as a Christmas gift so we have not used it yet. However, when the package of three arrived on was broken. Sad!

Michael Ehlbeck
The Gift

The 3-Pack was a birthday gift and the recipient was delighted. Your hot sauce was recommended by a friend in Maryland. I tried several sauces while visiting MD and decided then and there it would make a perfect gift.

John Keegan

Firs bottle was good have not opened the other 2 yet

Dear christ almighty, the flavor gods are smiling down on this.

Let me say, im not one of those hot sauce fanatics that wants to scorch away the tepid layers of skin from inside their mouth.
Quite the opposite, but I love hot sauce that has great flavor on it own and enhances the food I slap it on, and this does just that. DELICIOUS.
Many years ago I bough the Punch drunk in a supermarket thinking GHOST PEPPER I must be mad as a bag of cats. perhaps I was.
But happliy it wasnt mind melting spicy, it was rather a rich flavor thats not too overpowering with a nice warm spice level. I want this on everything I eat, in a sandwich, on eggs, salad, meat, fish.... heck I threw some on a melon and it was great. It compliments. It hasnt steered me wrong yet.
Im not over this flavor yet, they dont stock it in my supermarket anymore so I order direct. But looking forward to trying the rest. : )

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