Fresh Carolina Reaper Peppers

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Carolina Reaper Peppers are the HOTTEST in the world!  

Certified Naturally Grown with no  pesticides, herbicides, sprays or chemicals of any kind.

Buy these fresh hot peppers now and you can freeze them for use all year. Also great for making your own hot sauce, drying them for super hot pepper flakes, or saving the seeds to grow your own hot pepper garden next year! 


Customer Reviews

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Bulk buyer

Everything came in excellent condition for how many I bought. Only one or two out of the 150 some odd I got were bad and even then it wasn't terrible. Awsome service

Wallace Gerstle

Only had one bad pepper out of 3 boxes. Peppers were the correct heat which is what i wanted would definitely reorder. Very happy with product

Jordan S
Didn't want to write this

I didn't want to write this because I hate being this kind of person but when I got the email I felt like I had to. I bought three flat rate boxes of Carolina Reaper peppers, came out to $80-some dollars shipped. Got them in the mail, was cutting them open and I would say roughly 25% of them I had to throw away. Either the outside had mold on them or the insides were molded. Again, I wasn't going to reach out or write a review because I don't like being this person, but I received an email asking for a review so I will give it. I'll spend the extra money next time to grow my own and ensure that if I have molded, unusable peppers, that is my fault and no one else's. The rest of the peppers were good and able to be used and pureed.

Hi Jordan! I am so sorry to hear this, I wonder if they heated up in transit? No matter, we are sending you a complete replacement package, on us to hopefully make it up to you!!!! Thank you so much for letting us know,