About Us

Homesweet Homegrown is a family-owned company based in Kutztown, PA specializing in organic farm-to-bottle hot sauces, fresh chili peppers, extracts, and modern homesteading books and journals. We are dedicated to sustainability, organic practices, paying a living wage to our workers, and supporting local communities. 

In 2021, we became one of the first women-owned USDA Certified Organic specialty chili pepper farms in the United States!

Our Roots
Homesweet Homegrown was started by Robyn Jasko and her husband Paul David. In 2013, they launched the highest selling hot sauce in Kickstarter history and created a national farm-to-bottle hot sauce company and one of the first Certified Organic chili pepper farms in the country.
As food innovators, we are a company of firsts---we were the first hot sauce company to use chia seeds instead of xanthum gum, we launched DOSE, the first microdose hot sauce, and in 2016, we launched the world's first Chili pepper CSA, shipping fresh peppers to people all over the country. In 2017, they opened HIVE cafe, the first organic restaurant in their town using local ingredients from family farms. And, in 2022, they launched a Homesweet Homegrown imprint, creating a line of modern homesteading books for adults and children (using 100% recycled paper, and printed in North America too;).
Today, they run the company with their young son, and a community of pickers, and our amazing team. 
At our farm, we are really rooted in the community (we even started the community garden in our town!). We only hire community members (many are artists, musicians, veterans, parents, and families) who want to make a few extra dollars with a fun side hustle. We pay a fair per bushel wage (fast pickers can earn $20-$30 an hour!) and we have a no-stress approach to picking. We post flyers in our college town, and a lot of community folks come out to help---it's always a fun time with the most interesting conversations taking place in the field! We also have a weekly staff lunch and celebrate the end of harvest season at a local winery to toast the end of the year.  Happier pickers = happier peppers;)

Hitting the Sauce: How we Started our Organic Farm-to-Bottle Hot Sauce Company

In 2012, her first book Homesweet Homegrown, illustrated by her friend Jennifer Biggs, was published on Microcosm Press and the two trekked around the country via Amtrak for an epic cross country book tour. Before they left, Robyn planted way too many habaneros, ghost pepper and lemon drop chili peppers in the Grow Indie test garden, and we came back to hundreds of pounds of peppers, all begging to be made into hot sauce. She and her husband Paul happily obliged and started hitting the sauce.

They created three unique flavors of hot sauce featuring homegrown organic hot peppers and superfood ingredients like chia seeds and raw cacao, taking it a notches above the typical cayenne, Sriracha, Cholula, Tabasco, and Frank's for healthy, organic mix of flavor and heat featuring the real kick of habanero and ghost peppers (aka, bhut jalokia). Each bottle is free of additives, colors, gmos pesticides and preservatives and all farmed organically by us in Kutztown, PA.

For the past 9 years, we have grown some of the rarest peppers in the world, selling them to chefs, hot sauce makers, customers (and the occasional celebrity;) at our farm stand in Union Square in New York City and Brooklyn.