About Us

Homesweet Homegrown was started by Robyn Jasko, founder of Grow Indie, a blog/gardening site promoting sustainable lifestyles, homesteading, eating well and living local. In 2012, her first book Homesweet Homegrown, illustrated by her friend Jennifer Biggs, was published on Microcosm Press and the two trekked around the country via Amtrak for an epic cross country book tour. Before they left, Robyn planted way too many habaneros, ghost pepper and lemon drop chili peppers in the Grow Indie test garden, and we came back to hundreds of pounds of peppers, all begging to be made into hot sauce. She and her husband Paul happily obliged and started hitting the sauce.

They created three unique flavors of hot sauce featuring homegrown organic hot peppers and superfood ingredients like chia seeds and raw cacao, taking it a notches above the typical cayenne, Sriracha, Cholula, Tabasco, and Frank's for healthy, organic mix of flavor and heat featuring the real kick of habanero and ghost peppers (aka, bhut jalokia). Each bottle is free of additives, colors, gmos pesticides and preservatives and all farmed organically by us at our field in Kutztown, PA. 

We developed three signature flavors for all ranges of heat---from the mildly fiery Aramingo featuring organic lemon drop habanero peppers to our scorching hot signature Punch Drunk Sauce featuring Victory Brewing's tasty Storm King Stout and one of the world's hottest peppers, the ghost pepper (aka, bhut jalokia)! All three sauces were created for straight up hot sauce, or for cooking, grilling, marinating, and as a go-to for your favorite hot sauce recipes.

After alot of testing, we took their three signature flavors to farmer’s markets and book signings. We soon were selling out, and stores started asking to sell them, and we knew we were on to something. We started a little kickstarter for our sauces, and in 2013 we became the highest selling hot sauce in Kickstarter history. Homesweet Homegrown Hot Sauce was born, and we couldn't wait to share it with the world. Today we are in more than 140 stores and growing! 


In 2014, we expanded to a larger field, taking back the land by converting GMO cornfields in our area back to organic. Every bottle sold helps us convert more land into organic pepper fields, and you are a part of that by supporting our company! 

Why Chia?

Unlike the gums and stabilizers you'll find in other food products, chia seeds are a nutritional powerhouse that naturally thicken our sauces and acts as a preservative. We are the first hot sauce to use chia seeds in this way, and came up with it one day when we were eating a chia smoothie and making hot sauce and thought, hmmmmmm.....what if we just add some chia? It worked beautifully and adds a healthy dose of omegas, fiber, and calcium. If you are looking for a healthy way to eat chia and make more chia recipes, all three of our sauces are a delicious way to get the benefits of chia in your diet. New to chia? You can read more about this amazing ancient seed here.