Fresh Ghost Peppers (bhut jalokia)

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Taking pre-orders now for the 2024 harvest season!

Fresh ghost peppers (aka bhut jolokia, one of the world's hottest peppers), picked right from our field. Super hot, these ghost peppers have more than 1 million scoville units. Make your own hot sauce! Or, dry the seeds and grow your own ghost pepper plants. Priority Mail shipping insures fast delivery of the freshest peppers available!


Customer Reviews

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The peppers were amazing and customer service was amazing as well! Intense flavor and hot, and they came fresh! The only thing I can say is that the wait for them to come in was a bit longer than I had expected but once it was explained that they grow the peppers fresh per order it made sense, they truly take great care in their products! Everything was perfect! Thank you homesweet homegrown!

Chris Hardcastle
Decent peppers

There were 2-3 moldy peppers out of 20 but the rest were fresh and kicked like a mule!

Excellent peppers and excellent service.

Robyn went above and beyond to be sure that my order of ghost peppers was superb. Could not ask for more. 5-stars!


Absolutely love this company I’ve ordered from them twice now, once through the subscription and another time red and ghost peppers… I love drying them and making a dried pepper rub that is HOT and DELICIOUS… some of my peppers were rotting, but it seemed like they gave me more than I ordered to off set that. Also they were completely awful the ones that were bad I could cut away some bad parts only a couple pretty bad ones… will order next year too… 5 stars for taste and the fact they are nice people too

marta meyers

Very hot