From the Pepper Field

We are a Farm-to-Table Hot Sauce on a Mission. 

At Homesweet Homegrown, we grow all of the peppers for our sauces in a beautiful field in Kutztown, PA on what was once a GMO field. Over the last three years, through organic growing methods and biodynamic farming, we have converted our 3+ acres back to organic. And, next year, we are going to double this, and continue reversing the tide.  Every product we sell helps support this missions and you are a part of that by supporting our company! As we grow, we will continue to talk to area farmers and convert more GMO fields back to organic, expanding the footprint, and make real change. 

Our promise: We will never use any sort of chemical pesticides or fertilizers to grow our products. Instead of Roundup and black plastic mulch, we use organic paper, straw, cover crops, and beneficial insects (aka, ladybugs!) to keep weeds down and soil vitality up. We handplant, and harvest all of our peppers using the most organic and sustainable methods possible. 

If you are ever in the area, hit us up for a tour of our pepper field! 




Weedguard Paper Mulch is an excellent weed suppressant, petroleum-free, and biodegrades to increase soil vitality, versus the black plastic mulches used on 90% of farms (organic and conventional). The Weedguard allows the plants to breathe, and helps encourage healthier soil versus plastic. And, the peppers love it!