Fundraising with Homesweet Homegrown + Farmraiser

Looking to raise funds for your school or organization? Our farm-to-bottle hot sauces, grow kits and gifts sets are a great way to raise money for your favorite group.

  • No minimum orders or pre-payment required, you can get started right away
  • A 50%+ profit on every sale!
  • Multiple price points to appeal to all levels of customer spending
We've partnered with FarmRaiser to make fundraising as easy as possible. Through FarmRaiser you will have the convenience of more accurate orders, more ways to sell, more ways to pay, and more ways to meet your fundraising goals. Your customers and supporters can plan their gardens, and make their selections online, or purchase directly from students on mobile apps or with paper forms that you custom print for each sale. This ensures that every item your customers see will be available. At the end of the sale, seeds will be drop shipped to your location for distribution.

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