Fresh Carolina Reaper Peppers

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Carolina Reaper Peppers are one of the the HOTTEST peppers in the world!  

Certified Organic and grown in Kutztown, PA using zero pesticides, herbicides, sprays or chemicals of any kind.

Buy these fresh hot peppers now and you can freeze them for use all year. Also great for making your own hot sauce, drying them for super hot pepper flakes, or saving the seeds to grow your own hot pepper garden next year! 

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews

The peppers were amazing and customer service was amazing as well! Intense flavor and hot, and they came fresh! The only thing I can say is that the wait for them to come in was a bit longer than I had expected but once it was explained that they grow the peppers fresh per order it made sense, they truly take great care in their products! Everything was perfect! Thank you homesweet homegrown!

Joshua Whyte
Great peppers

This is my first time ordering Carolina reaper peppers. I really enjoyed their flavor. And they pack a great amount of heat. Will definitely order here again in the future.

Emory Bee
Reaper peppers

They were great. Tried one and setmy face on fire. The rest are in the freezer waiting on me to make hot salsa.

Jordan Marrale
Excellent quality

Great peppers , made two different hot sauces , chili and used in a few other dishes. Great tastes .

Michael Nelson
$38 for 19 peppers, 3 were bad.

Wish I didn't have to write this, but it is what it is. Paid a total of $38 to get "20-30" Carolina Reapers. What showed up were 19 multi-colored peppers, three of which were going bad/had been eaten by insects. Pretty disappointing. I grow my own Carolina Reapers and I've got some doubts about some of what was sent. A lot of these look more like a ghost pepper or seven pot. That aside the peppers were noticeably more tame than the Reapers I grow... which is kind of sad, tbh.