2021 Chili Pepper CSA: Subscription Box

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Reserve your spot for 2021 now or give the gift of a CSA Chili Pepper share this holiday! Peppers start shipping in September 2021.

Giving this as a gift? Download a copy of our e-card to send right away.

Be part of the world's first Chili Pepper CSA, and get a share of our super rare (and very hot!) chili pepper harvest. CSA Shares are limited. Experience 18 of the most unique chili peppers on the planet, picked fresh from our farm in Kutztown, PA and delivered right to your door. We are one of the only Certified Naturally Grown Pepper farms in the country, and use no pesticides, fertilizers, sprays or chemicals on our farm). Shipping is included in the price!

Throughout the harvest season (September, October, November), CSA members will receive a monthly gift box bursting with different chili peppers of all levels of the Scoville scale, ranging from the mild and flavorful Aji Dulce to the blazing hot Carolina Reaper (the hottest pepper in the world). Pepper varieties include Bulgarian Apple, Cleos Dragon, Hurt Berry, Pink Tiger, White Fantasy, Jigsaw, and of course the super hot Carolina Reaper (the Chocolate variety!), Omni Color, 7-Pot Lava Yellow, Peru Purple, Bequinho, Aji Crystal, and more.

Every year, I love searching for super rare varieties and have seeds shipped from all over the globe to grow some of the rarest and most flavorful chili peppers on the planet.   

Each monthly pepper box includes:

  • 6 different types of peppers (18 total)  
  • History, Scoville Scale and flavor profile of each pepper
  • Recipes ideas for making your own hot sauce, infusions, dried peppers and more.
  • Storage instructions for freezing, dehydrating and pickling your peppers so you can enjoy them all year long. 
  • Tips for saving hot pepper seeds, so you can grow your own peppers at home!

Share Sizes:

Quarter Share: 6 half pints sent each month

Half Share: 6 full pints sent each month

Full Share: 6 quarts of peppers sent each month

XXXXX Double Full Share: Twice the amount of a full share!

Ships anywhere in the US and makes a great gift!