Fresh Moruga Scorpion Peppers

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Certified Organic fresh Moruga Scorpion peppers, right from our field.

Although this is technically the tenth hottest pepper in the world, our fresh scorpion pepper is #1 for flavor, combining the smoky flavor of a Caribbean red habanero with the scorching heat hotter than a ghost pepper. Buy these fresh hot peppers now and you can freeze them for use all year. Also great for making your own hot sauce, drying them for super hot pepper flakes, or saving the seeds to grow your own hot pepper garden next year! 

Note: We ship all of our freshly picked peppers Priority Mail every Tuesday and Wednesday. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Mark S

A very high quality pepper if you like them really hot.

Derrick Warren
The small flats

The small flats need to have weight amounts attached to them so people accurately order the amount they need

Ray O'Brien
A mazing!

These scorpions were hotter than some reapers I got from another company. Better flavor too! Fresher than fresh. I'll be coming back. Very impressed

Emily Moreland

Wish I had some more! Great flavor and HOT! I have had two friends say the scorpion pepper was hotter than the Carolina Reaper. Will definitely be placing orders next year!

Jered Ozaeta

They were super hot the red Habaneros as well, only downside is that some developed mold inside so I couldn't eat like quarter of the peppers I bought :(