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DOSE: Single Strain, Pure Pepper Extract, featuring rare peppers grown at our farm. 

DOSE is a new way to hot sauce. In addition to adding DOSE to your favorite foods, you can also elevate any beverage with the pepper power of DOSE. 

Each 4-pack includes 1 DOSE bottle of Aji Limon, Jigsaw Fire Cider, Caribbean Red, and Carolina Reaper.

Just a few drops added to your favorite beer, taco, or chili transcends  an ordinary dish or beverage into a Carolina Reaper beer, or an aji limon cocktail---or, you can enjoy DOSE straight up for a mid-afternoon pick me up, or to help build your tolerance, one drop at a time.

Each bottle features single strain varieties of rare chili pepper grown at our farm in Kutztown, PA. DOSE is made from pure peppers so you can experience the full flavor and nutritional benefits of the world's hottest and more flavorful peppers. Each bottle is handcrafted by us, and packed with only single strain varieties--so you can experience the next best thing to eating a pepper straight from the field. 

Unlike other hot sauces that are filled with tons of vinegar, or thick ingredients like carrots and onions, DOSE is a pure pepper extract that doesn't change the flavor of your food, but infuses it with the pure flavor of each individual chili pepper.