Fresh Caribbean Red Habanero Peppers

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Certified Organic fresh Red Habaneros right from our field. Use these fresh habanero peppers to make your own hot sauce, freeze them to use all year long, dry them to ramp up your spice collection, or save the seeds to grow your own habanero plants next year! 

These fiery fresh chili peppers are the signature pepper in our Orange Crush sauce and have an addictive endorphin rush that will have you adding these to every stir-fry, chili, or stew. 

 All peppers are picked the day they are mailed. We only ship Tuesdays and Wednesdays to ensure that no peppers are left at the post office over the weekend (and so you can spend the weekend enjoying your peppers!) 



Customer Reviews

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Connie Stem

I was not happy with the substitution for the Caribbean Habaneros. The majority of the box was the substitute peppers which I cannot use. A better substitute would have been regular Habaneros. If those weren’t available then it would have been nice to be contacted and asked if I would like that part of my order canceled.

Darin Autrey
3 kinds of peppers all perfect

Fresh Caribbean Red Habanero Peppers exactly 25 habanero peppers
Fresh Ghost Peppers (bhut jalokia) with exactly 24 pepper
Fresh Carolina Reaper Peppers ordered 3 peppers got 4 beauties

Clint Martinez
Not fresh

When I received the package more than half the peppers were rotted. Package takes along time to be shipped to Texas I'm assuming.

Christopher Keith
Good peppers as long as they get to you good

Half of the peppers I received were crushed from the postal service I would think and some were moldy but the peppers that were still good looked good

Ryan Tuthill

Fresh Caribbean Red Habanero Peppers