Red Shishito Peppers

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Certified Organic and grown using no pesticides, herbicides, sprays or chemicals of any kind. 

We allow our shishitos to fully develop and ripen into red shishitos, enhancing their flavor. (Our shishitos were a favorite from the chefs of the Gramercy Tavern in NYC.)  Prized by chefs, our fresh shishito peppers are best just sauteed in a skillet or grilled until charred, then sprinkled with sea salt. One in ten are spicy, so it's like playing pepper roulette. Fresh shishito peppers, shipped anywhere in the US! 



Customer Reviews

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Marc Belanger
They were green, and ruined by cold weather due to the packaging

I had to throw out the green shishito peppers because they were all soft and wilted/rotting due to improper packaging. The hot peppers I ordered along with them I was able to use 2/3 of them the other 3rd thrown away. Again, due to the packaging and the inability to keep them from freezing up during transit. They should have shipped the, express.


Good communication, fair price and the peppers were beautiful.



Wesley Little
Red Shishito's!! Fun to Eat

These are a great mild snack. Roast in a little oil and salt, eat whole, it is a tasty treat with a nice flavor that provides a surprising kick.

Eugene Ochalek
Red Shishito Peppers + Applewood Chips = Instant Favorite

I never have tasted RED Shishito peppers before, only green. These were flavorful and a bit less earthy than their green cousins. But a little apple wood smoking on the grill brought a super sweet flavor to them. Dried them and have a sunny sprinkle for fall dishes. Will definately purchase again