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Written by Robyn Jasko + Illustrated by Jennifer Biggs.

Homesweet Homegrown: How to Grow, Make, and Store Your Own Food.

The gardening book that started it all! This succinct handbook is packed with practical information that will inspire and enable those who want to grow their own food and venture down the path of food independence. This handy guidebook to modern homesteading covers it all, from choosing and starting seeds to preserving the harvest, pickling, canning, fermenting and freezing your garden fresh veggies to have access to organic, homegrown food all year long. 

Also features DIY projects for seed starting, grow kit light setups, easy irrigation systems, designs for upcycling old furniture into gardening stations, recipes for homemade organic plant sprays, charts listing dollars-and-cents breakdowns of homegrown versus store-bought produce, and growing guides for fruits or vegetables. 


  • Grow Guides by vegetable tell you how to grow tomatoes, peppers, pumpkins, lettuce, kale and more. 
  • More than 50+ tasty and creative recipes for using your extra garden produce or CSA stash. 
  • DIY project section
  • Companion plant, interplanting, and succession planting guides and charts
  • Seed starting guides to grow anything on the cheap
  • Guide to organic growing and methods
  • Common garden pests and organic ways to treat them
  • Resources for the best non-gmo seed companies and products

Shopping for a gift? You can also get a signed copy in our hot sauce and plant kit gift sets, here. 


"Homesweet Homegrown is an extremely helpful handbook that reads like a primer of lessons learned from garden-tending grandparents—insightful, informative, and maybe most importantly, honest. (Not to mention, just reading the recipes toward the back of the book made my mouth water in anticipation of the upcoming harvest.) With this by your side and a bit of good weather, you’ll be enjoying the fruits of your labor soon enough."  —Alexa Fornoff, Assistant Editor, Readymade Magazine 

"From seed starting to home canning and everything in-between Homesweet Homegrown by Robyn Jasko is the perfect guide for new gardeners who want to grow and eat everything from their own gardens. Plus, it's great for seasoned green thumbs in search of a handy reference that covers a myriad of topics!"  —Jere & Emilee Gettle, Founders of Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company

"This warmly written, sweetly illustrated little book is as exhaustive as it is friendly. Robyn covers absolutely everything you need to prepare yourself for a life of cheap, fresh, delicious food."  —Raleigh Briggs, author, Make Your Place

"The best book for learning the skilled resilience of old-school living in the modern world! Homesweet Homegrown teaches the lost art and science of crafting a hand-made life."  —Alexandra Jamieson, author, Vegan Cooking For Dummies and Living Vegan For Dummies

"Homesweet Homegrown is a clever and refreshing harvest of farm-to-table methods. With vim and balsamic vinegar, Robyn Jasko has written a pocket guide for the well-rounded 21st century yeoman."  —Tim Stark, proprietor, Eckerton Hill Farm and author, Heirloom: Notes From An Accidental Tomato Farmer

"Robyn makes planting and growing your own food so dead-simple, friendly and unassuming that even this black-thumbed gardener is encouraged to think she "Can, Can, Can." With instructions for making DIY planters and irrigation, designs for upcycling old furniture into gardening stations, recipes for creating homemade organic plant sprays, charts listing dollars-and-cents breakdowns of homegrown versus store-bought produce, and page-by-page growing guides by fruit or vegetable, this book is literally worth its weight in gold—or, rather, golden beets. Not to mention the satisfaction and bragging rights."  —Melissa Massello, founder/editor of Shoestring Magazine



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Lots of Information in Easy-to-Read Format

Homesweet Homegrown is a lovely little book that I read cover-to-cover on plane rides recently. It was fun to read and very informative. I liked it so much that I bought several to give to my friends!