Orange Crush Habanero Pepper Hot Sauce

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Way spicier than tabasco or sriracha hot sauce, Orange Crush gets its fiery kick from our fieldgrown habanero peppers and is fantastic straight up on everything from pizza and burritos to eggs. The capsicum kick from these Caribbean Red Scotch Bonnet Habaneros is completely addicting---we carry a bottle at all times.

Orange Crush was featured by Bon Appetit in their 50 States of Hot Sauce article! 

Customer Reviews

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We love Orange Crush!

We've been ordering Orange Crush from Homesweet Homegrown for years, and have always been very pleased with the quality of the product and the customer service. Our order arrived quickly, all the way out here in Hawaii!

Antal ludanyi

Awesome hot sauce thick. Will be buying alot more.

Tony Roberts
Great Flavor

Citrusy sweet and hot at the same time. Just the best!

Chris Then
One of the best!

This is my go-to sauce for anything and everything. I disagree on the “way hotter than sriracha”. IMO it’s about the same. This sauce is great because of both the heat and the flavor. I like heat, but not where I can’t enjoy the food. It’s pulpy, unlike many of the sauces I’ve had, and it’s a great consistency. Eggs, tacos, wings, it’s fantastic with everything. For a habanero sauce, it’s got just as much flavor as heat.