Organic Carolina Reaper Pepper Live Plants

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Grow your own Carolina Reaper peppers! These Certified Organic Carolina Reaper Pepper live plants are 65 days old, ready to plant in your garden or grow in a container!

Comes with our pepper growing guide filled with tips for growing, storing and cooking with these amazing peppers. This is a pre-order, plants ship early May 2023. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
David Garceau

All six plants look healthy and doing great

Amanda Novak
So far so good

Five out of the six survived so far. Waiting anxiously for them to grow is another story but the packaging was good and the plants were healthy

Charles Parkhill
Great plants

Plants arrived in healthy condition

Yeager Ray

Looking forward to them.

Thomas Hoffman

Hello. Robyn has been great to do business with for the last three years, be it for peppers, sauces, and this year, plants. I have all of the reapers (and ghosts) outdoors in 18 gallon and 5 gallons self-watering containers going on week two. I just filled the bottom watering reservoirs yesterday, as the first week had a good rain day to keep them adjusting to the outdoors while they grew longer roots. I suspect the plants will begin strong growth during this week and continue on if all goes well. Thanks again.