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New! Meet XXXXX Scorpion, our hottest sauce yet: Featuring one of the spiciest, most flavorful peppers in the world, The Moruga Scorpion.

This hot sauce is no joke (we even put a warning label on it!) It is great on so many things---and perfect for the person who loves it really hot. Unlike other super hot sauces that use extracts, we use only fresh Scorpion Peppers which give XXXXX Scorpion its bright atomic orange color (and its amazing flavor!)

Featuring organically grown peppers from our farm in Kutztown, PA. Sun-ripened, handpicked, and scorchingly hot! 

Customer Reviews

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Ryan Anderson

Very delicious and flavorful, deffinatly could use more heat though

Peter Innocenti
Absolutely Yummy

Most hot sauces are either all heat and no flavor or the other way around. This hot sauce brings the elusive combination of heat and flavor. You can put this stuff on just about anything and it will make it better. Can't wait to make a Bloody Mary with this sauce. The folks at Homesweet Homegrown seem like good people. Very friendly and responsive to email queries.

Sarah Collins

Definitely the spiciest hot sauce I've tried and exactly what I was looking for! Manages to balance spice with flavor for those of us who prefer a zesty kick ;)